Infinite attention to detail is the underlying philosophy which governs all work performed at Landscape Techniques, Inc. We focus our attention equally between the visual aesthetics of our construction project and the structural integrity of them as well. The intent on every project is to build every aspect of the project to last for generations to come. Construction details and procedures are followed in strict accordance and/or exceed all AIA and engineering procedures.


If you are enjoying the visual beauty of our work, we guarantee it is built even better than it looks.


The hardscape aspect is the essence of every landscape project. We take special pride in the quality and precision our talented craftsmen exercise when creating beautiful retaining walls, entry steps, walkways, or patios built with natural stone.


Growing in popularity every year and now a main stay in the landscape industry is the use of prefab concrete paving and wall units. Landscape Techniques was literally the New Jersey contractor installing pavingstones as a day to day practice since 1984. Compaction and creativity are key to the prefab industry.


Storm water and ground water are the enemy of every contractor. We understand water and its destructive force, and design every project to control and divert that force of water to allow our sites to endure the test of time and stay dry.


Site grading is a critical element in the development of any site. All aspects of the project will be effected, drainage, hardscape construction and planting design. There must be sound practical solutions hand-in-hand with creative remedies. The success in the way this one critical component is handled will have tremendous impact on the beauty and functionality of the landscape.


Once the structure, or bones, of the landscape are in place, we need to distinguish our site with sensible, attractive, colorful, textural, and diverse landscape plantings which will unify and pull the whole project together. Broadleaf evergreens, conifers, shade, ornamental trees, colorful flowering deciduous shrubs, perennials, and annuals all play a vital role when thoughtfully and creatively combined.